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  Share experience as an alternative to instruction.

 You are invited to extend your inner self, to bring this self to the mind's table so to speak here on Naxos Island. We paint together, initially being guided with exercises to open the mind and heart to freely express one’s self. The goal is to make art 'work' with no preconceived idea, but a flow of natural mindful energy; to get closer to the unknown and our imagination which ruminates and teaches us about ourselves. The surround of mountains, the sea,

 organic food and wine, solitude and complete immersion into Greek culture are the conduits.

 For one week you can leave the minutia of every day life behind.

Come to the land of gods and goddesses where you can be your own.



SHERRI BUSTAD / creative director of the project OFF THE MAP

From 2000, I have been living and working on Naxos Island. Having traveled the world and lived in many places, Naxos has become home. In 1992 I began painting in California with a focus group of 'non artists' - however, we ARE art - therefore  we are 'artists'. In searching for something within the subliminal mind, this was a study group of finding what's possible through painting to help reveal the core being; recalling dreams, incidents, places, objects through color and shapes on a surface to tell the subliminal story. My experience led to sharing my work worldwide, which changed my life.  As a result of being part of this group I have learned to become more aware of my own truth, then observing and understanding what that is. I am not a teacher. I can only share what I have experienced and learned personally. I have taken this information one step further by finding and offering a place that is truly

a sacred speck of sand within the chaos on this earth.

Here is an opening to delve closer to the root of what makes us who we are. Awareness is the first step to understanding.

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